Barry Bones is a former cop and an explorer who accompanies Guy Dangerous on his expedition to take the cursed idol in both Temple Run and Temple Run 2.

Appearances Edit

Appearance in Temple Run Edit

In the original game, he is described as a city cop with an attitude. He has dark skin, scars under his eyes and wears a navy blue shirt. He has dark brown hair. He can be purchased for 10,000 coins.

Appearance in Temple Run 2 Edit

In Temple Run 2, he returns as a playable character. He wears the same dark blue shirt and jeans, but doesn't have scars under his eye. He has darker hair and has bandages around his wrists. He can be purchased for 25,000 coins and after purchasing him you can activate the Coin Bonus power up.

Quotes Edit

"Who let Barney out of his cage?" (TR)
"I'm reporting this safety violation!"
"Not again!"
"So close." (TR)
"End of the road..." (TR2)
-falling from the runway.

"Should have worn my nice socks."
-not sliding under a hollow tree. (TR)

"I didn't see that there."
-crashing to a tree log on the runway. (TR)

"This is not how I imagined my retirement."
"Wonder where these skulls came from?"
-running into a skull trap. (TR)


Temple RunEdit

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