• Blazing Sands is a new map in Temple Run 2 that was first released on June 1, 2016, and appears to take place in some sort of Egyptian desert. A pyramid, Egyptian temple (Hall of Kings), tilt-jumps, and a redesigned monkey demon are featured in this runway.



  • In the Hall of Kings, the player can sometimes still hit the spike traps laying on the floor, even after pressing the blue button(s) to hide them.


  • It is the second world not to include surprise monkey attacks, the first one being Sky Summit.
  • It may be based off the temple run "Pyramid Peril" book.
  • There is a statue somewhere across a corner in the runway resembling a demon monkey.
  • Along with this world's release, new costumes for Barry Bones and Karma Lee were released.
  • It is the first world that sometimes requires tilting while jumping across a ditch (in the river-bridge part you need to tilt while jumping because only the left or right part of the path is there).
  • Overall, it is the third world on the map, with the first being Sky Summit, second being Frozen Shadows, and forth being Lost Jungle.

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