• Sky Summit's Charms.
  • Blazing Sands' Charms.

Charms are artifacts that you can find when collecting a Treasure Chest in both the maps Sky Summit and Blazing Sands.


Sky SummitEdit

There are 10 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect all 10 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Infinite Loop 100 coins An endless ring for endless running.
Angel Wings 100 coins Everyone can use a guardian angel.
Twisted Root 250 coins Beware, the trees have claws.
Floating Island 250 coins Carved from the strange rock that defies gravity.
Sky Clasp 500 coins Embrace the sky and never die.
Demon Claw 1,000 coins Constant reminder that a stumble can be deadly.
Ruby Shard 2,500 coins Sharp and dangerous, crafted from the rarest of gems.
Cave's Maw 1 gem A precious talisman forged to protect the idol.
Mystic Rocks 1 gem Bright, beautiful and unbound by the laws of physics.
Idol's Curse 2 gems Take the idol, if you dare to pay the price.

Blazing SandsEdit

There are 8 artifacts you can obtain from treasure chests.

  • Collect all 8 artifacts, and...
Artifact Value Description
Carved Thigh 100 coins Always remember leg day.
Emerald Trinket 100 coins Inscription recommends against using for fortune telling.
Thigh Dagger 250 coins Reviews complain the handle isn't ergonomically comfortable.
Emerald Bite 250 coins Bit off more than they can chew.
Demon Skull 500 coins The eyes always seem to follow you...
Jaw Bone 500 coins Owner cleary flossed every day.
Vulture Skull 1,000 coins An exquisitely terrifying trophy.
Golden Talon 1 gem Gold tipped appendages are so last millennium.