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Guy Dangerous collecting coins in the first Temple Run

Coins are collectible items that appear frequently in both Temple Run and its sequel, Temple Run 2. The main purpose of coins is to use them in the store, although the coins do boost the total score of the player. There are different types of coins in the game when the Coin Values power-up is in effect.


There are two ways to collect coins in the game. The first way is to collect them in the game with the character, and the second is to purchase them with real money.

Collecting in the gameEdit

By moving the character to touch the coins, the coins are automatically picked up and counted. At the end of the run, the number of coins collected is added to the player's total coins.

Coin Values PowerupEdit

The Coin Values powerup can be used with any level to change the value of the coins. When the powerup is increased to level 3, some of the coins on the screen will be red, signifying a "double coin." When a player collects a double coin, two coins go into the total coin collection.

Triple coins are blue, and can be used when the player upgrades the Coin Values powerup to at least level 4. Similar to a double coin, triple coins add three coins into the total coin count.


A player can also, if he or she wishes, purchase coins for different prices. 2500 coins can be purchased for $0.99, and up to 200,000 coins can be purchased for $19.99. The player can also "purchase" 250 coins for free by liking the Temple Run Facebook page.


Coins are used in the store in the game. The store contains many different powerups, utilites, and characters. The prices range at the store from 500 coins to 25000 coins, depending on the item. When purchasing powerups, the prices increase per level.

Karma Lee collecting coins with the coin magnet.

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