Francisco Montoya is a character in Temple Run and Temple Run 2. He is a Spanish conquistador (explorer) from Spain.

Appearances Edit

Temple RunEdit

In the original game, Temple Run, he is described as the conquistador, and can be purchased for 25,000 coins. He has bright yellow hair, wears a shiny metal hat and has a goatee.

Temple Run 2Edit

In Temple Run 2, he costs 100,000 coins. His hair is of a "better" and little more realistic "tonal" blonde, with his goatee still present. He wears a metal breastplate and brown pants.

In the Pirate Cove update, he comes with the Castaway outfit, and can be unlocked for 30 character tokens.

Quotes Edit

"This one has a shell!"
-caught by a demon monkey.

-falling from the runway.

"My helmet didn't even help..."
-crashing to walls and objects. (TR2)

"I'll just leave that here." (TR)
"At least my hat is safe.." (TR)
"I left my mark on the world." (TR2)
-crashing to a tree.

"Don't look at my hairy legs!."
-not sliding under a hollow tree. (TR)

"I just had that dry cleaned!" (TR)
"Warning: Armor Not Fireproof."
-getting burned.

"That looks like Uncle Hernan!."
-running into a skull trap. (TR)

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Trivia Edit

  • TRMontanaSmithTree1
    In Temple Run, both Francisco Montoya and Montana Smith used the death-by-tree illustration.
  • I left my mark on the world.: After hitting the tree, Francisco Montoya used this line in Temple Run 2, while Karma Lee used this in Temple Run.