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Gems can be considered as both a collectible and a Powerup in both Temple Run 2 and Temple Run: Oz, with it also being a currency type, as it can be used to buy stuff that can't be bought with coins.

Uses of Gems Edit

Save Me Edit

Gems can be used to buy Save Me's, which resurrects the player after dying. Save Me's at first cost 1 gem, and then quickly doubles after each time the player uses it. Moreover, the second time costs 2 gems, the third costs 4 gems, and so on. However, to reduce the Save Me cost, the player can upgrade the Save Me cost to make it cheaper, but no cheaper than 1 gem.

Limited Time Characters Edit

Limited time characters can be bought with 60 gems each during the said character's limited availability. For example, Santa Claus, Wolfman, and Freya Coldheart are all limited. Once the said character's limited time expires, the character can no longer be bought with gems if already not unlocked. However, if the limited character was already unlocked during the limited time, the player gets to keep him/her.

Maps Edit

Maps can be played for free during a limited amount of time, but after the limited time expires, the player can unlock it with 500 gems. 

Trivia Edit

  • Gems ONLY appear in Temple Run 2 and Temple Run Oz, since the only currency in Temple Run is coins.
  • The player can watch a trailer/video to earn an extra gem at times (which is only allowed for 3-4 times per day)
  • Although gems don't do anything in the game that affects your score/coins/distance, they are still counted as a powerup, while individual coins are not counted as powerups.

Gallery Edit