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Guy Dangerous is the default character in both Temple Run and Temple Run 2


Temple Run[]

In the original game, he embarks on a journey to steal the Idol from the Temple. Guy Dangerous is the default character and wears a tan shirt, blue pants, and brown boots. He is described as just your average explorer and he also has his own wallpaper that can be purchased for 5,000 Coins.

Temple Run 2[]

In Temple Run 2, he appears as the default character and comes with the shield power up. He has red hair, a muscular body, fair skin, green pants, brown boots, and with a tan shirt that appears more bloodstained and torn up than his last one.

In the expansion Frozen Shadows, he has an alternate costume which can be unlocked for 60 gems.

For the Halloween update of 2016, his new costume, Franken Guy, was available for free. After the update, Franken Guy was available for purchase at 60 Gems.

In the Pirate Cove update, he comes with the Magnum G.U.Y. outfit, and can be unlocked for 60 character tokens.


"Nom nom... furry!"
-getting caught by a demon monkey. (Bunny Guy)

"This suit should make me better at jumping..."
-falling from the runway. (Bunny Guy)

"Hard to run without a head."
-not sliding under a hollow tree. (TR)

"Good thing I have extra padding!"
-crashing into walls and objects. (Bunny Guy)

"And I thought this suit was hot!"
-getting burned. (Bunny Guy)

"Back to the forest for this Rabbit!"
-crashing into a tree. (Bunny Guy)


Temple Run[]

Temple Run 2[]