Karma Lee is a playable character in both Temple Run and Temple Run 2.


Temple RunEdit

In the first game, Temple Run, Karma Lee is described as "the fastest legs in the Far East". She's from Asian heritage, has jet black hair tied back into a bun, and she wears white pants and a red and yellow sheer. She can be purchased for 25,000 coins in the shop. 

Temple Run 2Edit

She wears the same outfits, and wears a large floral waist belt around her waist with a hint of red and yellow color that matching with her clothes. She had the same hairstyle but tied with a yellow hair pin shaped crown.

She can be purchased for 50,000 coins, and comes with the 500-points bonus Powerups.

In the February 8, 2018 update, she comes with a Dragon Dancer outfit, and an be purchased for 60 gems.

Quotes Edit

"I knew I should have learned how to fly!"
"Is someone watching me?"
-falling from the runway. (TR)

"I left my mark on the world."
-crashing to a tree. (TR)

"Time to go back to Limbo 101."
-not sliding under a hollow tree. (TR)

"That's just unsanitary!"
-running into a skull trap. (TR)


Temple RunEdit

Temple Run 2Edit

Trivia Edit

  • I left my mark on the world.: After hitting the tree, Karma Lee used this line in Temple Run, while Francisco Montoya used this in Temple Run 2.