Lost Jungle is a new map in Temple Run 2 that was released on March 29, 2017.


Lost Jungle is a map (runway) with lush jungle, huge vines, giant snakes, enormous venus flytrap-like carnivorous plants, "demon crocs", and temple remains as obstacles. It takes place in a jungle, hence its name. There is a temple in the jungle that is overgrown with vegetation. The first section the player will ALWAYS encounter after running out of this temple after taking the idol is the rainforest. Here the player runs on huge old, dead grey vines, avoiding obstacles including missing sections of the vines, giant snakes, y-turns (but no t-turns) and carnivorous plants as obstacles. The dead grey vines always head upwards into the treetops. Additionally, there are also mossy green vines, which act like slides. The mossy green vines always head downwards to the forest floor. Then, there is a main temple section that the player will usually enter at around 1000-1500m distance, which has a main temple path and has obstacles such as statues and crocodile-infested rivers. Occasionally, the player will encounter the treasure room section, which can be accessed by either the temple path or a zipline (however the zipline can only be accessed from the green vine slide). Upon entering the treasure room, an evil demon monkey can be seen standing high above the entrance; however this monkey is not an obstacle. The treasure room is filled with crystals and gold and bronze statues. It is more dark than the other sections as it is located underneath the temple in caves.



  • This is the fifth world overall; after Sky Summit, Frozen Shadows, Blazing Sands, and Spooky Summit.
  • The start of the runway is seemingly similar to Blazing Sands.
  • For some reason, if a player hits a giant snake, it is like hitting a tree branch, or a rock.