Maps are different environments in Temple Run 2 that you can play in. As of now, there are currently ten maps (Sky SummitFrozen ShadowsBlazing Sands, Lost Jungle, Spooky Summit, Frozen Festival, Jungle Fall, Lost Jungle - Lantern Festival, Pirate Cove and Spirits Cove.

Map InfoEdit

Here is the Map Info, which are in the five info-boxes below.



Specific to Sky SummitEdit

  • It was the only world in the whole game until December 1, 2015.
  • It is the world with the most artifacts currently, being 45 in total: 10 Masks/Totems, 10 Floral/Flora, 10 Critters/Fauna, 10 Rings/Charms and 5 Relic artifacts.
  • It is also the only world to have five regions: the normal roads, the Woods, the Mines, the Waterslide and the narrow log (not including zip-lines).

Specific to Frozen ShadowsEdit

  • It is the only world where there are four sections in the runway, the main world, the ice luge slide, the frozen tunnels and the frozen cliffs (only added in 1.31 update along with new obstacles and traps, better graphics and renames for some of the artifacts in Sky Summit and Frozen Shadows' "Armaments" artifacts.)
  • It holds the second most amount of artifacts, now being currently 35 artifacts:6 Armaments/Totems: 5 were added at a later date, 8 Armor, 8 Flora and 8 Fauna artifacts respectively.
  • This map features four new characters: Two Viking characters - Sigur Frostbeard and Freya Coldheart, and two characters - Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus in the holiday update. It also features new outfits for Guy Dangerous and Scarlett Fox: Aviator and Mountaineer outfit respectively.

Specific to Blazing SandsEdit

  • It is the only world to be released in three parts, the main world, Hall of Kings and the desert cliffs.
  • It and Lost Jungle hold currently 24 artifacts: 8 Charms, 8 Flora and 8 Fauna artifacts.
  • This map released two new Egyptian characters: Cleopatra and Imhotep, which can be unlocked by collecting 10 character tokens of Cleopatra and 5 tokens of Imhotep; along with alternative summer outfits for Barry Bones (Outrider) and Karma Lee (Shadow Walker).
  • In the September 2017 update, a new "Summer" coin skin dedicated to this map, was provided, along with the new "Coin Skin" menu.

Specific to Lost JungleEdit

  • It and Sky Summit are the only worlds to have zip-lines in them.
  • It, along with Blazing Sands, hold 24 artifacts: 8 Fauna artifacts, 8 Maunscripts artifacts and 8 Totems artifacts.
  • This map features two new characters: Rāhi Raaja and Nidhi Nirmal.

Specific to Spooky SummitEdit

  • It is the only world to be a counterpart/parody to another world (Sky Summit).
  • This is the only modified world to have its unique Halloween-themed music.
  • It was released in the Halloween update of 2016 featuring two new characters: Wolfman (which can be purchased for 60 Gems) and Sir Montague (which can be won by ranking in the Top 5% in the Montague's Marathon Global challenge; if not then, he can be also purchased for 120 gems or be acquired by collecting 30 character tokens), and was again brought back in 2017 with two coin skins: Halloween Ghosts and Halloween Candy coins.
  • This map also features new alternative outfits for the first four characters: FrankenGuy, Scarlett Bat, Mummy Bones and Vampire Lee respectively.

Specific to Frozen FestivalEdit

  • It is the Christmas version of Frozen Shadows. The runway is decorated with gifts and Christmas decorations.
  • In the December 2017 update, two new outfits - "Lumberjack" Sigur Frostbeard and "Forester" Freya Coldheat were released, along with a new "Christmas Cookie" coin skin.
  • This map has the same music as Sky Summit.
  • In the January 23, 2018 update, the game featured a new set of "Anniversary" artifacts in the Special Events, featured a new outfit - "Showtime" Zack Wonder in the Anniversary Candlestick Madness global challenge, new Party Cake and Anniversary Candles (only for the special event) coin skins, a new feature known as "Daily Quests" which features six quests everyday based on power ups, characters, distance/coin/score or maps; completing every three quests will award the player with a golden treasure chest, which consists of coins, gems and an artifact in reward (which yields more gems and coins faster and easier.)
  • The Anniversary update also featured new objectives to the game

Specific to Jungle FallEdit

  • It's the autumn version of Lost Jungle. The leaves are red, yellow and brown (in Lost Jungle they're all green).
  • This map features two new regal outfits for Rahi Raaja and Nidhi Nirmal which can be unlocked by collecting 30 tokens of each regal outfit.

Specific to Lost Jungle - Lantern FestivalEdit

  • It is the Chinese New Year version of Lost Jungle. The runway is decorated with Chinese lanterns and have fireworks in the sky.
  • This map features a new outfit for Karma Lee (Dragon Dancer) and a new Dim Sum coin skin, with new global challenges. This map also features Valentines coin skin, brings back the "Romeo" outfit for Zack Wonder and features new global challenges (the Valentine update comes in the middle of the Lantern Festival season, thus featuring the Valentine's and the Dim Sum coins for a limited time.)

Specific to Pirate Cove - Gold EditionEdit

  • It's the first map that is only purchased with money, it cost 4.99€.
  • This map features 2 new characters (Jean Benitez and Simone Davies) and a Pirate Dubloon coin skin.

Specific to Spirits CoveEdit

  • It is a spirit-themed version of Pirate Cove.
  • The entire place is decorated with candles, pots, marigold flowers, and offerings.
  • This map, along with Pirate Cove, features a separate "Gold Edition" which includes the exclusive areas of Pirate Cove (spirit-themed) and alternate outfits for Jean Benitez and Simone Davies: "Skeleton" and "Marigold".