Mega Coin

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Mega Coin is a powerup in the game Temple Run and the sequel Temple Run 2.

In Temple RunEdit

This powerup does not appear from the beginning and you must unlock it in the store.

  • Level 0: The powerup will not appear.
  • Level 1: The character will receive an additional 50 coins.
  • Level 2: The character will receive an additional 75 coins.
  • Level 3: The character will receive an additional 100 coins.
  • Level 4: The character will receive an additional 125 coins.
  • Level 5: The character will receive an additional 150 coins.
  • Level 6: Allow disabling Mega Coin.

In Temple Run 2Edit

This powerup is available from the beginning, but can only be picked up on your trip. Each pickup adds 50 coins in your collection as well as filling up 1/3 of energy bar.

This is the only powerup that cannot be upgraded.

Trivia Edit

General Edit

  • This is the coin that is worth the most coins, highly overpowering the blue, red, and yellow coin.
    • This coin, along with the blue coin and the red coin, doesn't appear unless the player unlocks it in the store.

Temple Run 2 Edit

  • This powerup is the only one available in the beginning.
  • The player can also get variations of the coin powerup in the Wheel after the player dies and revives. However, the coins can be in values up to 500 coins (unupgraded Wheel) or up to 1,250 coins (upgraded Wheel).
  • There is a powerup similar to the Mega Coin that can be equipped and that is unlocked after the purchase of Barry Bones. It also gives you 50 free coins, but the difference is that you can activate it whenever you want as long as the energy bar is filled up.