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Montana Smith is one of the Characters that's available in both Temple Run and Temple Run 2. He can be purchased in the store using coins.


Temple Run[]

In the original game, , he is described as the second-greatest explorer ever. He is shown with a shaved face with a large hat that covers up his face and can be purchased for 25,000 coins.

Temple Run 2[]

In the first game's "sequel", Temple Run 2, Montana Smith is seen wearing the same attire, crock-backed but doesn't hide his face behind his hat which greatly resembles Indiana Jones.

In July 3, 2021, he comes with the "Grill Master" outfit, and can be purchased for $0.99.


"Snakes!? I hate snakes!"
-falling from the runway.

"It hurts the tree more than me."
"I'm not the same without my hat!"
"Not my hat!!!"
"I always make a good impression."
-crashing to a tree.

"Looks like I'm stuck here a while."
-not sliding under a hollow tree.

"If only I had my lighter..."
-running into a skull trap.


Temple Run[]

Temple Run 2[]


  • Montana Smith can be seen as a spoof of Indiana Jones.
    • His first name is shared with a US State and he has a common last name just like Jones.
    • He also wears similar clothing and have the same fedora.
    • When "Montana Smith" falls into water, he sometimes says "Snakes, I hate snakes!" Providing evidence that he was afraid of snakes, just like Indiana Jones.
  • In Temple Run, both Montana Smith and Francisco Montoya used the death-by-tree illustration.