Nidhi Nirmal is a new character that was introduced and is only available in Temple Run 2.


Nidhi Nirmal is a middle-aged Indian woman wearing a magenta shirt, dark green jeans, and brown boots. She is also carrying a purse, along with a charm necklace. She also carries a small knife. She seems to have bandages on her wrists, most likely because she is from Indian culture.

In the June 1, 2017 update, Nidhi comes with the Regal outfit, and can be unlocked for 30 character tokens.

Additional FactsEdit

Nidhi Nirmal can be purchased for 5,000 coins, and comes with a Boost powerup.

She is an Indian explorer in the April 26, 2017 update, along with Rahi Raaja.


Nidhi Nirmal's quotes are also the same as Rahi Raaja's.