Sigur Frostbeard is one of the limited time characters in Temple Run 2. He alongside Freya Coldheart can be unlocked for 60 Gems when the Frozen Shadows map was released.


He appears to be in a Viking armour, carries an axe and a round shield both of which he has on his back when he is running.

His default horned helmet can be swapped with any other hat that has been obtain via artifacts.


"Die in battle, Live in Valhalla!"
-caught by a demon monkey.

"Boatless man is tied to the land."
"Only dead fish follow the stream."
-falling into a rushing river.

"I prefer water to fire!"
-getting burned.

"No trees grow in the sky."
-crashing to a tree.

"Travel slowly to reach your destination."
-crashing to a trap.

"Does this tunnel lead to Valhalla?"
-crashing to a wall in the mines.

"It's best to search while the trail is new."
-crashing on objects in the mines.

"This is why I stick to the seas!"
-caught by a demon monkey; crashing to a wall.

"A tale is half told when only one person tells it."
-falling off a cliff; crashing to a trap.

"Work not done, need no reward."
-falling off a cliff; crashing to a wall (even in the mines).

"What is hidden in snow, is revealed at thaw."
-crashing to walls, objects and trees.



  • Both him and Freya Coldheart are the only ones to raise their right hands up when jumping, and if "jumping" while on the slide for the "newly" updated Frozen Shadows, a faint cheering sounds can be heard!