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Sky Summit is the first map in Temple Run 2. It was available right after the app's launch date, January 2013. It was the only map in the game until December 2015, when Frozen Shadows was released. In the Chinese Version, Sky Summit is very different as it is green and has 2 versions. The Day & Night Versions.


Regular Runway[]

  • The regular runway is located in the sky, and looks like some sort of ancient Chinese temple. There are occasionally lookout towers in the turns, but they are just part of the background and do not affect the player. Obstacles include rocks, roof pieces that cause tripping, low bridges, and flames.

Forest Runway[]

  • The player enters an area that seems to be a forest. However, the path still stays the color that it is on the regular runway, but with rails on both sides. There are rivers in this section that can cause the character to be swept away if not jumped over, as well as random gaps.

Mine Tunnel[]

  • This is the area where you ride a mine cart in a mine tunnel. You have to tilt the device to turn and avoid gaps. You can't jump in this area, but you do have to duck under the low wooden bars. Since you can't jump in the mine tunnel, power-ups are unable to be collected; however, coins can still be collected.

Water Rift[]

  • During this part, the character swims upon entering the water rift. Much like the mine tunnel section, you can't jump at all, but you do have to dunk the low logs and wheels. You can tilt the device in the water to get coins. The player cannot collect any power-ups during the duration of the water rift.

Narrow Log[]

  • The Narrow Log section is when the character runs on a very narrow log. Tilting in this section is not recommended unless you wish to fall to your death.The obstacles are similar to the ones in the regular runway.



  • It is the first and earliest world to be released.
  • It is the only world that is not a limited edition.

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