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Temple Run is a game developed for the iOS and Android platforms. It is developed by Imangi Studios. It is an endless runner where the player controls a running character, and the character must avoid obstacles and enemies.


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The underlying plot to the game is that the character, controlled by the player, steals a golden idol from an Aztec temple which appears to be in a swamp. This causes the Evil Demon Monkeys to attempt to catch the player in order to get the idol back. The game begins when the player steals the idol and ends when the character is caught by the monkeys or hits an obstacle, at which point the idol is returned to the temple and the player can attempt to steal it again. 


The game makes use of swiping controls to control the character. A swipe up makes the character jump, a swipe down makes the character slide, and a swipe to the side makes the character turn in that direction. In addition, the player can tilt the device, taking advantage of it's gyroscope capabilities to make the character move from side to side within the boundaries of the area to collect coins. The player once collecting money can use that money to buy new characters and items.


There are many different features of the game that make Temple Run different. These include objectives and the store.


Main article: Objectives

Objectives are the Temple Run equivalent of in-game achievements that the player receives upon completing a certain task. Objectives range from scoring a certain point value to upgrading different powerups. Although there are 36 objectives in the game, only 22 of them are recognized as Game Center achievements.There are now 58 achievements even in the game center.


Main article: Store

At the store, players can buy different items such as powerups, utilities, characters, and wallpapers for different amounts of coins. Powerups appear in game and change the an aspect of the game. Utilities are one-use instant items that resurrect the player and boost them forward. The player can also play as different characters instead of just Guy Dangerous, the normal adventurer. People can also download wallpapers for Temple Run.

Game Center integration[]

Temple Run contains 22 achievements, all of which are also objectives. You can play for the top score on global and friend leaderboards.

Release Date[]

August 4, 2011


Tripping Without Swiping To the Left or Right[]

  • Sometimes if the player tilts the system to the left or right for a few seconds, the person will trip.

Invisible Obstacle[]

  • The player must swipe down at the right place that is away from the small tunnel. If done incorrectly, the person will disappear causing the game to end.

Going Inside a Tunnel Without Sliding[]

  • The player must slide at a tunnel as soon as the person is about to be in its running form. If time right, the person will be in a tunnel in its running form but in a split second, the game will end.

Fall Off The Edge[]

  • On the stone platform, the player must tilt to the left or right. The person will fall through the floor.


  • If the player swipes up and then down, the person will slide after jumping.


The Temple Run programmers are husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, both of them are the producers of Imangi Studio in Washington D.C. Kiril Tchangov is the artist who created the beautiful graphics of the game. Temple Run was launched for 99 cents, but soon enough they released Temple Run as a freemium app, allowing in-game purchases through the store.